Webinar on Counter Terrorism Measures and IHL

The BIDTI in collaboration with the ICRC delegation in Sri Lanka conducted a webinar on ‘Counter Terrorism Measures and International Humanitarian Law’ on 8th April 2021. This is the third webinar of the series conducted on the contemporary challenges to International Humanitarian Law (IHL).

The objective of the Webinar series is to create a platform for the state actor to deliberate on the challenges in implementing IHL. The panellists consisted of former Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the UN and former Legal Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Rohan Perera PC, former Chairman of the Human Rights Commission of
Sri Lanka and Chair Professor of Law in University of Peradeniya Professor Deepika Udagama as well as Brigadier Keerthi Kottawaththa Director, Directorate of Human Rights in IHL in Sri Lanka Army and Legal Advisor of ICRC Headquarters in Geneva Kelissiana Thynne.

his webinar in particular, featured the challenges to IHL by counter terrorism measures conducted in the context of armed conflict. Professor Udagma set the scene for the discussion by explaining the concurrent application of IHL to counter terrorism operations. Whilst Kelissiana Thynne addressed the concerns identified by the ICRC with regard to application of IHL to Counter- Terrorism measures in armed conflicts. Dr. Rohan Perera, who has written extensively on international terrorism gave an insight to disscussions of the sixth committee terms of application of IHL to Counter Terrorism measures. Lastly, Brigadier Kottawaththa shed light as to how the Sri Lanka Armed Forces integrate humanitarian considerations in Counter Terrorism operations in armed conflicts from an operational perspective.

The webinar was moderated by Legal Advisor to ICRC Delegation in Sri Lanka Samindika Elkaduwe.