Diploma in Diplomacy & World Affairs

The Diploma in Diplomacy & World Affairs course at the Bandaranaike International Diplomatic Training Institute (BIDTI) is opened to undergraduates/graduates, mid/senior level executives in public and private sector, officer ranks of military and police, aspirants to join the Sri Lanka Foreign Service, International Organizations and for those interested in international relations. Duration of the course is spread over a one year.

The Course is comprised of 5 modules as follows:

  1. Diplomatic Theory & Practice

This module has been introduced on the basis that the practice of diplomacy today is not the exclusive privilege of career diplomats. Senior level personnel in the private sector, other institutions in the public sector including the Armed Forces as well as those employed in the civil society organizations are often interacting with international partners and require skills and attributes of diplomats.  The course covers the attributes and qualifications needed for the practice of professional diplomacy, aspects such as public relations and networking, effective communication skills, social behaviour and etiquette. The module will deals with details of the practice of diplomacy, skills it requires and institutions involved. It will include lectures as well as simulations and group activities.

The module will explain the nature of diplomacy i.e. bilateral and multilateral, economic, cultural, humanitarian, and public diplomacy as well as institutions of diplomacy.

  1. International Law

This module has been introduced on the basis that all those who deal with the outside world need to be acquainted with the international legal system. It provides opportunity for discussions on the International Law in practice.

  1. International & Regional Organizations

Diplomacy today is not confined to dealings between Sovereign States alone as it was in the beginning. In the post war world with the establishment of the United Nations, the character of international life has been radically transformed and almost revolutionized. Today, diplomacy involves relations with multitudes of international organizations and multinational companies which have come into being. The character of international life today is determined by the role of multilateral institutions. It is essential therefore that modern diplomacy calls for an insight and knowledge of all international bodies.

  1. Current Global Political & Economic issues

The objective of this module is to acquaint participants with major global developments, i.e., political, economic and socio cultural. This module will take the form of discussions and debate on selected topics.

  1. Sri Lanka Studies

The Course is focused on Sri Lanka in general covering history, culture, economic and social aspects that required for representing Sri Lanka.

For details please contact the Course Coordinator on Tel. 011 2 682 110 / 011 2 682 109. 

Email: bidti@sltnet.lk | prg.bidti@gmail.com | bidtilk@gmail.com 

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