The BIDTI resumes academic activities in physical setting

With the dawn of year 2022, the BIDTI resumed academic activities with the physical attendance of participants. It would allow participants to get the maximum benefit through interacting with resource persons and fellow peers, thus enhancing the benefit of the course.

Accordingly, activities in physical settings commenced with the lecture on Global Health Diplomacy on 4th January conducted by Dr. Sapumal Dhanapala, National Programme Officer of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Sri Lanka. Followed by lectures on ‘Facing Media Interviews’ conducted by Ms. Savithri Rodrigo, a leading media personality, on ‘Climate Diplomacy’ by Dr. L. Batuwitage, Consultant in Sustainable Development and the ‘History of Defence Services of Sri Lanka’ by the former Army Commander, General C.S.Weerasooriya.

The Diploma Course gives an opportunity to acquire a variety of skills and knowledge disseminated by experts/professionals in their respective fields.

Every year the BIDTI adds new topics of importance to the curriculum of the Diploma course to create awareness  of global issues for its participants.