XXVIII Diploma course inception of the BIDTI

Inauguration of the XXVIII Diploma in Diplomacy & World Affairs Programme was held on Wednesday, 2023 at the Bandaranaike International Diplomatic Training Institute (BIDTI).

Following a documentary depicting the activities of the BIDTI, the Director General of the BIDTI welcomed the participants. While briefing on the programme, she explained the importance of learning diplomacy and world affairs which would mould the personality of individuals.

A former participant, Mr. Shamil Akbar, who was the recipient of the ‘Lorna Dewaraja Memorial Award’ shared his experience at the BIDTI with the participants. Praising the overall activities provided by the BIDTI during the programme, he encouraged participants to get maximum out of the programme by enjoying and sharing the experience of others and making a network of knowledge.

Following refreshments, the lecture on ‘Introduction to Diplomacy’ was delivered by Dr. Geroge I. H. Cooke, Senior Lecturer of the University of Colombo, a former Foreign Service Officer, and the Initiator Awarelog Initiative.