Three Constitutions and Three Decades of Working in the Parliament

Speaking at the BIDTI on Friday 30th September, the former Secretary General of Parliament Nihal Seneviratne highlighted the advantage of the constitution introduced by the Soulbury Commision stating that it was the best constitution Sri Lanka had up to date.
Having served in the Parliament over 30 years, Seneviratne elaborated on the evolution of the Constitution from the Colbrooke – Cameron reforms of 1833 up to the 1978 Constitution. He reiterated the importance of safeguarding the Constitution to uphold democratic values. Further, he discussed about the Executive Presidency, its influence and effects to the country shedding light on the variety of speeches orated over the years in the Parliament.
Highlights of his experience shared with the audience was received with an overwhelming response from the former Foreign Secretaries, Ambassadors, Military personnel, Academics, media as well as alumni of the BIDTI. The lecture was followed by an interactive session where many expressed concerns of the prevailing economic and political situation in the country suggesting remedial action.
Mr. Seneviratne’s speech was a part of the Special Guest Lecture Series initiated by the BIDTI in 2019 as an exercise in creating awareness on the contemporary topics among the general public. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the lecture series was suspended in March, 2020 and relaunched after two and half years with his lecture.