The XXVIth Diploma in Diplomacy and World Affairs Course commenced

The XXVIth Diploma in Diplomacy and World Affairs course was inaugurated on Wednesday 15th June, 2022 at the BIDTI. Amidst a series of virtual sessions continuing for the XXIV and the XXV Diploma courses, the inaugural session for the XXVIth Diploma course was held physically with the presence of approximately 40 participants, whilst simultaneously connecting virtually others taking part from remote areas.

Upon viewing a documentary of the institute, Director General, Amb. Pamela J. Deen addressed participants giving an insight of the course and how best participants could take advantage of it.

The session was followed by lecture on ‘the Introduction to Diplomacy’ delivered by Dr. George I. H. Cooke, a Diplomatic Historian and Strategist as well as initiator of the Awarelogue Initiative.

An Alumus of the BIDTI, Dr. Cooke took this occasion to present a copy of his latest publication ’Buddhist Diplomacy: Sri Lanka Thailand Relations’ to the library of the BIDTI.