‘The Gift of the Nile’ the last book of Dr Vernon Mendis launched

The book based on the last manuscript of Deshamanya Dr Vernon L B Mendis was launched on Friday10th November 2023 at the Bandaranaike International Diplomatic Training Institute (BIDTI). It was a significant moment for the BIDTI as Dr Mendis had been the founding Director General of the Institute which was established in 1995 under the guidance of the Hon. Prime Minister Sirimavo R. D. Bandaranaike.
‘The Gift of the Nile’ was edited and published by Dr George I. H.  Cooke who had been guided and trained by Dr. Mendis. George, having learnt from the spouse of the author, Mrs. Paddy Mendis that the last manuscript of Dr. Vernon L.B. Mendis was available, determined to publish it as a gratitude to his guru.
Dr. Cooke presented the first copy of the book ‘The Gift of the Nile’ to Mrs. Paddy Mendis who was the Chief Guest of the event. A large gathering, including Chairperson of Sunera Foundation Ms. Sunethra Bandaranaike, colleagues of Dr. Mendis, former and present foreign Secretaries, civil society members, friends and members of the family of Dr. Mendis attended the event.