Peace building needs cohesive environment

Delivering a talk at the BIDTI, the former Defence Minister of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Prof. Selmo Cikotić stated that a cohesive environment is needed to create peace. Explaining the background of negotiating a settlement in his country, he mentioned that during the final two years of the war the parties to the conflict were unwilling to accept any peace proposals. Further, despite the end of hostilities in 1994, peace talks did not take place immediately. In that sense, he stressed that to negotiate peace, many aspects are required; not only military but a coherence of systems viz., economic, communication, transport, education, healthcare etc.

A gathering of officials from the Tri Forces and interested participants attended the special guest lecture by Professor Selmo Cikotić on 4th July 2019 at the BIDTI. The lecture was organised in collaboration with the Secretariat for Reconciliation Mechanisms (SCRM).